Dive trip for Open Water Divers

  • Dificulty Level Easy
  • This adventure can be offered in English and Arabic


Speed boat diving trip to two famous dive sites; Sharm Rock and Dibba rock, for Open Water certified Divers at Afternoon slot.

Sharm Rock is located offshore, approximately 15 minutes South of the Meridian Fujairah with a depth of ~10-14 meters. This dive site is also known as “3 Rocks Pinnacles” or “3 Sisters” because of its three small outcrops of rocks that peek above the surface. The pinnacles that lie close together has a crack that measures 150m long and 100m wide. There is also a 4th rock but only the more experienced divers venture there occasionally.

The rocks are enveloped in soft corals which provide a haven for a multitude of reef fish such as snappers, large-mouth mackerel, fusiliers, and shoals of jacks which are some of the favorite prey of large tuna that hunt these waters. Other common sightings include the lionfish, boxfish, jawfish, and schools of bannerfish. You can also spot opportunistic predators like moray eels that like to feed on crustaceans, squid, and cuttlefish that are abundant in the area. It’s also possible to encounter turtles, black-tip reef sharks, and stingrays on the sandy outskirts. Occasional whale sharks may be spotted during the warmer seasons of the year which is a real treat for divers and snorkelers alike.

Water conditions in this area are normally very calm and you can expect 5-20m visibility. Its shallow depths make it ideal for snorkeling and different levels of diving experience plus it is also a popular site for night diving.

Dibba Rock is a Small rock island approximately 100m x 100m. The captain will drop you in at 4-6m with the current at your back and you will fin keeping the rocks on your left or right depending on whether you enter from the north or south of the island. The shore-side (west) and south side of the island range in depth from 1-4m, while the deepest part is on the east side. Even in the deeper areas, there is a gentle slope of rock that allows you to stay at a shallower depth and still see an abundance of marine life!

In the shallow depths, you can see Parrotfish, Giant Pufferfish, Trumpetfish, Batfish, Broomtail Wrasse, Lionfish, Scorpionfish, Picasso and Red Fanged Triggerfish, Turtle, Sergeant Major, Cardinalfish and Moray Eel. As you fin into the deeper section on the north and east sides you can see these plus you may also find Squid, Cuttlefish and Blacktip Reef Shark, Cowtail Stingray, Eagle Ray and if you are really lucky, the occasional Whale Shark!

Send up your surface marker buoy, complete your surface interval, surface and the boat will come to pick you up!

Additional Information

The divetrip duration is half day (4 Hours). If you are interested to dive in fujeirah and enjoy, this is the right package for you.

The trip is for certified divers in open water level or higher.


All diving equipment are included:

weight and tanks






Drinking water, juice, fruits and tea are included in the package as well.


Non divers 

Pregnant woman 

Transfer to fujeirah and coming back (55 USD$+)

Cancellation Policy

cancelation will be within 48 hours

Meeting Point: Bermuda Diving Center

Meet us at Bermuda Diving Center Dubai


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Duration: 4
Cancellation: 48 Hours
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