Dive trip for Advanced Divers

  • Dificulty Level Moderate
  • This adventure can be offered in English and Arabic


Speed boat diving trip to two famous dive sites;  Inchcape 1 and Deep artificial reef for Advanced Open water level at Morning Slot.

Inchcape 1 is a wreck dive site situated in Al Fujairah, the United Arab Emirates. Originally known as Gray Swift 2, this U.S. boat was shipped to Dubai in the ‘70s and used to transport crew and supplies to oil rigs in Dubai and Fujairah. It was purposely sunk in 2001 to create an artificial reef and now lies on a sandy bottom at a depth of about 30 meters (100 feet).

The wreck of the Inchcape 1 is now covered with marine life. The bow of the boat is covered with pink and purple Dendronephthya soft corals. Inside hide all sorts of reef fish such as boxfish, pufferfish, soldierfish, and pennant fish. Schools of trevallies, snappers, and jacks can be frequently seen around the wreck. Barracudas, emperor fish, moray eels, sea horses, and nudibranchs can also be spotted here.

The site is suitable for advanced divers.

Deep reef requires an Advanced certification level. The site has a bottom topography of flatbed rock and sandy patches. To attract fish, tires and rope have been laid on the seafloor.

An accident with a small diving boat left the boat unusable. The boat was towed out to the site, the boat and trailer were purposefully sunk to attract fish to the site. There is no mooring line on the site. To protect the delicate soft coral below we do not throw anchor or a shot line.

You will kit up on the boat and backward roll into the water. Your dive guide will lead you on a descent without a reference line. Once you reach the bottom at about 24m you will notice an abundance of large tree corals. You will explore the small dive boat and trailer. You can expect to spot the usual reef creatures on this site such as Box Fish, Angel Fish, Snapper and Broomtail Wrasse. Moray eels like to hide in the rocky crevices and Sea Horses perch on the ropes attached to the tires.

Additional Information

the trip is for certified divers in advanced open water level or higher

The divetrip duration is half day (5 Hours). If you are advanced diver and interested to dive in fujeirah, this is the right package for you.

The trip is for Advanced Scuba Divers or higher Only.


All diving equipment are included:

weight and tanks






Drinking water, juice, fruits and tea are included in the package as well.


Non divers/Open Water Divers

Pregnant woman 

Transfer to fujeirah and coming back (55 USD$+)

Cancellation Policy

for any cancellation should be within 48 hours

Meeting Point: Bermuda Diving Center

Meet us at Bermuda Diving Center Dubai


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Duration: 5
Cancellation: 24 Hours
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