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  • Dificulty Level Moderate
  • This adventure can be offered in English


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Internal Regulations

  • AVENTURA offers an activity called “Tree-to-Tree Adventure Park” which sets very strict conditions for participation in accordance with the specific safety rules for the practice of this activity which are listed below.
  • If the rules are not observed, aerial activities can be dangerous, can cause serious injury and even death. You are solely responsible for learning the correct techniques and the safety measures taught during the introduction course. You personally assume all risks and liabilities for any damage, injuries or death that might be caused by not observing the safety rules and the important recommendations set out in this document, at the beginning of the circuits (introduction) and those taught by the monitors before, during and after the obligatory introduction course.
  • If you are not in a position to assume this responsibility or risk, do not perform the circuits.
  • The general preliminary safety instructions are stated at the time of registering, and are then explained by the monitors during the introduction course.
  • The PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) packs are systematically given to the guests and the activity cannot be performed without using this safety equipment. It is strictly forbidden for the guest to use his private equipment.
  • Guests are responsible for the strict application of these rules that have been shown to them and for their own safety during the activity.
  • The guest, with his entrance ticket, is entitled to use the facilities for a maximum period of 3 hours.
  • In the event of bad weather conditions, the management reserves the right to stop activity in the park for your security. If this should happen, any guests who have been there for less than 1.30 h. shall be given a free ticket for another day within the following 60 days.
  • If a ticket has been sold, there is no right of reimbursement, unless the guest withdraws during the Training Course, in which case he shall be reimbursed 50% of the cost of the ticket.
  • Access to the activities is reserved to persons registered at the office.
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke during the activities and within the grounds of the park.
  • Any guest exceeding the maximum period of 3 hours on the circuits, or not handling in his safety equipment shall be charged a penalty of AED50 for each hour or fraction.
  • In guarantee of returning the safety equipment, a valid ID card or Driving License shall be left for each set of equipment used, or a deposit of AED1000 shall be made.
  • Access to the circuits shall close 45 minutes prior to the closing time of the park as established in the document “Closing Times”. Participants must give in their equipment 15 minutes before closing.

Additional Information

Physical Conditions

Participants must be in adequate physical and mental condition to perform this activity. AVENTURA Nature Adventure LLC reserves the right to deny access to the circuits or to interrupt performing the challenge in the case of any person not meeting the minimum safety requirements (obviously under the effect of alcohol, failure to observe the safety rules, etc.)

Acceptance of conditions

You accept without restriction the conditions and participation and safety. You accept that it is compulsory to wear the safety equipment provided throughout the performance of the activity.

Basic Safety Rules

  • The function of the monitors is to supervise, give advice to participants, and to intervene (assistance in case of difficulty).
  • The compulsory introduction course given to all participants by these monitors enables the participants to be completely autonomous and for them to be responsible for their own safety. During the course, the following safety rules shall be taught:
  • Obligations

    • To keep the safety equipment (harness, carabiners, etc) always well fastened.
    • There may not be more than three participants on each platform and three in each challenge, except on the ziplines.
    • Use the pulley for the ziplines and only for this purpose.
    • Anyone with long hair must keep it tied up.
    • Do not carry coins, mobile phones, or any other metal object in pockets if the pocket cannot be completely closed.
    • Specific Case of Descending Ziplines

      Recommendations – Respect for Others

      • Gloves are optional. These can be rented for AED15 or purchased for AED40.
      • Adopt the launching position as instructed by the monitor, and maintain it until you reach the other end.
      • Never launch yourself on the zipline if there is another person coming onto the arrival platform.
      • Make sure that the zipline is completely unoccupied before launching yourself.

      Recommendations – Safety

      • Never place your hands in front of the pulley or touch the cable whilst in movement.
      • Make sure the pulley is fixed properly to the cable.
      • The use of a helmet is optional, and if used, you should keep the straps well fastened.


      Signposting (pictograms, colour markings on cables) at the exit of each challenge indicates its level of difficulty. Therefore you are advised to follow the indications given for performing the circuits in the best conditions of comfort and safety.



Rental Gloves

Water Bottles

Aventura Earth Bag

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Duration: 3 Hours
Cancellation: 48 Hours
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